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Shannon Morgan

Shannon Morgan

Inspired by her interest in design, psychology, and connection to community, Shannon earned her real estate license and purposefully sought out a locally owned brokerage. As she built a client base and hit her stride, Shannon found a natural alliance with fellow agent Terri Kaminski . What started as a joke by combining their last names, has since become their inspiration to reinvent the traditional real estate approach. Mo-Minksi was born.
The Mo-Minski team offers not just superlative real-estate expertise, but something truly unique. The Mo-Minski website,<, shares authentic stories of the people and places of Bainbridge Island and our nearby neighbors. From brand-new residents to those who were born and raised in 98110, features in-depth profiles of the people who live, work, buy and sell here - what they love, how they live, and what really matters. Throughout, the site is woven with stunning photographs - and a lot of love. Shannon and Terri have also carefully curated a team of experts in escrow, title, home inspection, mortgages, and building trades who prioritize customer service. "We only refer clients to people who share our philosophy." You can find the Mo-Minski team at Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Vero - and at Charter Real Estate, located at 701-B Winslow Way East in the Farmers Insurance building. Online or in person, pull up a chair and have a cup of coffee.You might just find yourself at home