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Vicki Fazzini

Vicki Fazzini
Financial Manager | Special Projects

“Office Manager” doesn’t begin to describe what Vicki brings to the table. With an extensive background in local real estate, Vicki supports new agents and staff so that the Charter Real Estate team is always up to date with industry best practices. With her oversight of our property management division, bookkeeping, and office policies, Vicki develops and maintains the essential systems that keep us all on course. Always looking forward and quick to implement and leverage new technology, Vicki makes sure that when you partner with Charter Real Estate that you are receiving every advantage as a buyer or seller.

When not in the office, Vicki puts her real estate skills to use as a master of Tiny Home renovation and building. To stay up dateon her neighborhood real estate knowledge (and to plan for future projects), Vicki regularly walks her beautiful 110lb German Shepard while listening to podcasts. Recent favorites are Hidden Brain, This American Life, RadioLab, The Moth, and Ear Hustle.