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Kell Killian

Kell Killian

Inspired as a child by dreams of traveling the world and experiencing food from many different cultures.

Kell has honed both his cooking skills and business acumen in some of the best places on the globe.

Husband to a retired USN Commander and father of three, Kell has lived and cooked professionally in Guam, Washington DC, the Mojave Desert, the Gulf Coast, and Spain before finally making Bainbridge Island his full-time home in 2016.

Jumping head-first into the community by joining the BARN in Rolling Bay, Kell became the Kitchen studio lead for the new Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network’s studios.

Purchasing the storied Pegasus Coffeehouse, Kell took it upon himself to restore the spark back into the local cultural icon, by creating a shared community meeting space that better served his exceptional customers, before finally selling it to the Pegasus Coffee Family.

Kell is a natural at creative project management and assisting business developers and the challenges of solving difficult problems in business, taxes, and now, real estate.

Kell is an avid Sci-Fi lover, who loves his daily dog walks along Hawley cove. He confesses to being a homemade junk food lover, and Airstream aficionado.

He would agree with the rest of the world that there is so much to do and see right here in our very own backyard.